What if you had all the Money you ever wanted?

You’re trying to answer the question “HOW MUCH DO I WANT TO SAVE?”

And you’re thinking of all the figures that are realistic and yet would be sufficient to meet your needs and wants.

(YAY! I’m glad you got to that step.)

In a book, that I read recently “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” by Denise DT, the author summarises beautifully.

“Money loves clarity, so define what wealth means to you.”

This stuck with me and I’ve ever since started thinking and making a list of all the things I’d do or buy or want to own, if I had all the money I ever wanted.

You need to put that “price tag on happiness” to begin to actually work towards achieving that money goal.

So, think of all the things you’d like to save for, if there was no limit or restriction on saving.

Pen down all the things that you desire.

Don’t hold yourself back. Let your imagination run wild.

Make it as long and as detailed as you can.

You could put something as simple as buying that organic bath soap or a meal at your favourite restaurant or that belt from Zara.

Or maybe something big, like a Trip home to your parents at least 3 times a year or that Louis Vuitton Bag that you’ve been dreaming of or Taking Care of your parents when they retire, or Buying that dream house with a pool.

Anything and everything you can think of, that can be exchanged for cash – imagine you have an endless stream of money flowing to you – what would you buy?

Once you’ve written down everything you have in mind, you need to ask yourself all these questions for each desire that you’ve listed.

  • How will this make me feel?
  • Do I need it?
  • Would it be worth it?
  • How often will I use this?
  • How many years am I going to be able to use it? (In case of a super luxury investment)

After you ask yourself these questions, your list would have funnelled down.

Do you have a more realistic list now? I thought so.

Now, convert that into monetary terms and voila, you have answered the question “How Much Do I Want to Save?”

So, sit back and define your Savings goals.

If you know what you are saving for, it is easier to make the sacrifices that you need to get there.

And remember:

“The universe is waiting for instructions, so get specific – otherwise you’ll get random stuff.”

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